The paradigm shift caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution centered on 5G (5th-generation mobile communication systems), IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (artificial intelligence) is advancing, and the world is changing dramatically, and innovative products and services are about to be created one after another. Many innovations created in the paradigm shift are based on semiconductor and software technologies. After gaining experience as a semiconductor engineer, I have been engaged in intellectual property operations in the intellectual property sector of a company in the fields of semiconductors, electronics, and software. Taking advantage of the knowledge I have gained in my career, I intend to work as a patent attorney to contribute to successes of those who are challenging new businesses in the paradigm shift of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Takashi Ishimura
Representative Patent Attorney
Ishimura International IP Firm

Six Strengths

Experience of corporate IP practices

Takashi Ishimura, who is the represetative patent attorney, has various experiences in the IP department of a manufacturing company, such as IP strategy planning, invention discovery, drafting patent applications, responding to office actions, patent portfolio management, license negotiations, IP related researches, IP related contract reviews.

Strong technical understanding

He holds a master's degree in engineering. After 9-year experience of design and development of system LSI as an engineer, He transferred to the intellectual property department and then had worked on intellectual property practices in the semiconductor field for 11 years. He specializes in semiconductor, electronics, and software fields.

Wide legal knowledge

He holds law degree in addition to a master of engineering and has wide range of legal knowledge besides intellectual property law. He has a lot of review experiences of non-disclosure agreements, joint development agreements, software license agreements, etc. from the IP perspective.

Drafting clear patent specifications

He drafts claims that distinguish the difference from prior arts with the minimum necessary description and takes into account the ease of proof of infringement. He drafts specifications with simple and plain text to avoid mistranslation during translation into other languages with the foreign application in mind.

Solid trademark application

In order to reduce the possibility of receiving a notice of refusal after filing, the trademark application will be made after conducting a thorough prior trademark search. A report of the survey results is provided to help you to select the designated product/service to apply for.

Support to Patent Utilization

He supports Utilization of patents such as monetization including licensing out and selling patents. Specifically, He supports patent portfolio evaluation and enhancement, and development of claim chart/EoU (Evidence of Use) based on research on products of other companies and research on standards.

Main Services

Patent Application Service

After hearing of the invention, documents are completely prepared, and the a patent application is quickly filed.

Trademark Application Service

A trademark registration is promptly applied by supporting to select designated products and services suitable for client’s business.

Patent Research Services

Prior art searchs are provided before patent applications and invalidity searchs for designated patents are also provided.

IP Contract Consultation

Reviews of intellectual property-related contracts, such as joint development agreements and software license agreements are provided.

General Advisory Services

Upon request, various consulting services regarding intellectual property business in companies are provided.