Patent Monetization Support Service

We support the use of patents such as license-out and patent sale. Specifically, we support the evaluation and strengthening of patent portfolios and the creation of claimcharts/EoUs based on infringement evidence investigations.

What is a claimchart/EoU?

The wording of a claim is divided into a plurality of elements, and a material to compare each one of the elements of the claim with the relevant part of a third party’s product or standard document are called claimcharts. It is also sometimes referred to as Evidence of Use (EoU) because it is evidence to indicate that a patented invention is being used by a third party. Below is a sample of claims charts.

sample claimchart(table format)

Why Do We Need ClaimCharts/EoUs?

Claimcharts/EoUs are used not only to assert infringement of your own patent rights against third parties, but also to demonstrate the high economic value of their patents when using patent assets through patent licenses or patent transfers. The quality and quantity of the claimcharts/EoUs greatly affect the success of patent license negotiations and the amount of transfer in the sale of patents. Therefore, in order to make the most of your patented assets, we believe that it is essential to prepare high-quality claimcharts/EoUs.

Service details

Patent Portfolio Evaluation

We evaluate and classify your registered patent portfolio according to certain classification criteria. The evaluation criteria are classified into four or more levels, taking into account factors such as the feasibility of products and technologies, the likelihood of patent invalidation, the duration of the patent expiration, the market size of the target product and technology, and the ease of infringement verification.

Specifically, each patent is classified into four levels of A, B, C, and D from the following two perspectives: 1) infringement verification ability (2) the probability of implementation in the market as a basic step.

  Easy to prove infringement
No analysis required Realistically possible Difficulty and non-analysis
Probability of implementation in the market High A B C
Medium B C D
Low C D D

As an additional step, it is also possible to subdivide patents of A and B rank further into A++, A+, A, A-, B++, B++, B+ and B- rank, taking into account three perspectives: the probability of patent invalidation, the size of the market, and the duration of the patent life.

This will help you to identify high-value patents that can be used in licensing negotiations, litigation, and so on. It also identifies patents for waiver candidates, improves the quality of the patent portfolio, reduces costs, and provides funding for new acquisitions.

Infringement Evidence Investigation/Claim Chart/EoU Creation

We conduct investigations of infringement evidence to the extent available free of charge, such as public documents (product data sheets, standards) on the Web. We conduct surveys within the range of unnecessary decomposition, processing, analysis, simulation, etc., and aim to create claimchart/EoUs at reasonable prices.

 In addition, it is possible to create a claimchart based on standards such as mobile communication standards established by 3GPP as evidence materials. With regard to mobile communication standards, we work with specialists who have a track record in creating claimcharts for standard essential patents.

Product analysis support

When customers use third-party reverse engineering companies to perform product analysis, we provide support such as reviewing the validity of the analysis plan and analysis results.

Claims Chart EoU Review

We review the claims chart created by the customer and check for problems in the complaint wording and examination history, in addition to the appropriateness of the comparison with the product and standard documents.

Strengthening pending projects

We evaluate cases pending with JPO/USPTO/EPO and conduct product surveys of other companies, and propose amendment sand and division claims so that they become stronger rights.

Service charges

 We would like to provide services flexibly in according with the customer’s purpose and strategy. Therefore, we will provide an estimate after consulting and meeting individually.