Patent Monetization Support Service

We support monetization of patents such as license-out and patent sale. Specifically, we support evaluation and strengthening of patent portfolios and the creation of claimcharts/EoUs based on infringement evidence investigations. We have created approximately 100 claimcharts/EoUs in the Corporate Intellectual Property Division over five years. Please take advantage of it by all means.

What is a claimchart/EoU?

The wording described in the claims is divided into elements, and for each element, the material that is compared one-to-one with the relevant part of a third-party product or standard document is called a claim chart. It is also called EoU (Evidence of Use) because it is evidence that shows that the patented invention is being used by a third party.

Below is a sample of a claimchart. If you are interested in this, please contact us and we will send you a password to open it.

Why Do We Need ClaimsCharts/EoUs?

Claimcharts/EoUs are used not only to claim patent infringement against a third party, but also to show the high economic value of patents in the context of patent licensing or patent transfer. The quality and quantity of claimcharts/EoUs have a major impact on the success or failure of patent license negotiations and the transfer price for the sale of patents. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a high quality claimcharts/EoUs in order to make the best use of our patent assets.

Service details

Patent Portfolio Evaluation

Evaluate and classify a target patent for evaluation according to certain classification criteria. The evaluation criteria are 3 to 4 stages, taking into consideration factors such as the feasibility of the product/technology, the probability of patent invalidity, the lifetime until the patent expires, the market size of the target product/technology, the ease of infringement verification, etc.

Infringement Evidence Investigation and ClaimChart/EoU Creation

Investigating evidence of infringement to the extent that it is available free of charge, such as public documents (product data sheets, standards) on web sites. We conduct surveys in areas that do not require disassembly, processing, analysis, simulation, etc., and aim to create a complaint chart / EoU at a reasonable cost.

Product analysis support

When a customer conducts product analysis using a third-party reverse engineering company, we support checking the validity of analysis plans and reviewing analysis results.

ClaimChart/EoU Review

We review claimcharts created by our customers, and in addition to checking the validity of the comparison with the product or standard, we will check claim languages and examination file history.

Strengthening pending projects

We will evaluate cases pending with the Patent Office and conduct research on products from third party, and propose amended claims and divisional claims to make the cases more powerful.

Service charges

We would like to provide services flexibly according to the customer’s purpose and strategy. For this reason, we will provide an estimate for costs after consultation with the customer. As a general rule, billing is done at the hourly rate, but a fixed amount is possible after consultation.