Handling field

 With regard to patent and utility model registration, we mainly handle semiconductor and electronics, software, information and communication technology fields, and other electrical technology fields. Semiconductors can be handled in general, such as circuits, systems, devices, processes, packages, and design technologies. Circuit and system technology are one of our strengths. We also support advanced technologies such as technologies related to 5G, AI and IoT. We can also handle the mechanical technology field.

 We will respond to trademarks and designs regardless of business fields.

 With regard to support service for patent manetization, we handle the semiconductor field.

List of services

  • Right Acquisition Procedures
    • Patent application, utility model registration application, design registration application, trademark registration application, foreign(non-Japanese) applications (Paris route, etc.), international application (PCT, etc.)
    • Response to office actions (Remarks, Amendment), trial request procedure, trial decision cancellation lawsuit
  • Support for Patent Utilization
    • Patent portfolio evaluation
    • Infringement evidence investigation, ClaimChart/EoU( Evicence of Use) analysis and creation
  • Research and Advisory Services
    • Prior art search, invalidation document search, technical trend search
    • General consultation for patent application, invention discovery support, intellectual property strategy planning support
  • Intellectual Property Legal Services
    • Intellectual property contract support
    • Appraisal, preparation of warning letters, consultation on dispute case