TSMC launched counterattacks against GF

On October 1st, TSMC announced that it had filed multiple patent infringement lawsuits against Globalfoundries in the United States, Germany and Singapore for 25 patent infringements as of September 30, 2019.

According to TSMC, 25 patents have been infringed on GF 40nm, 28nm, 22nm and 14nm processes related to FinFET, STI, double patterning, seal ring, gate structure, contact etch stop. It is said that TSMC is seeking an injunction against the manufacture and sale of patent infringement products and claims for damages by the sale of infringing products.

In paticular, U.S. District Court in Delaware, four lawsuits, Case 1:19-cv-01834, Case 1:19-cv-01835, Case 1:19-cv-01836, Case 1:19-cv-01837, have been filed against GF.

The patents used in each lawsuit are as follows.

  • Case 1:19-cv-01834

US6963114, US9634013, US7897514, US8138554

  • Case 1:19-cv-01835

US7170118, US7105894, US9166053, US6720619

  • Case 1:19-cv-01836

US7233032, US8187948, US7056821, US7235864

  • Case 1:19-cv-01837

US8648446, US6417032, US7355235, US7501227

The actions of TSCM this time are counterattacks against GF’s lawsuits against TSMC and its customers for patent infringement.

This means that a large-scale litigation battle has sparked between the largest semiconductor manufacturing specialist and second.